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Cleves San Stefano is one of the finest buildings offered for rental in Sofia. In a terrific downtown location and part of the new San Stefano Plaza complex, it offers luxury living in a stylish setting. For each of the 31 Cleves rental apartments our interior designers have created a distinctly individual and evocative identity.

Cleves San Stefano is in a secure multifunctional complex, offering a selection of fully furnished 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom rental apartments, all in Entrance A.

Doctors’ Garden has always been the best address in Sofia. Named after the park between Oborishte and Shipka streets, it is located by the National Library and close to the historical monuments and state institutions in the capital.

A short walk to Parliament or Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, it is also close to Sofia University metro station which connects to all parts of the city, including the airport and Sofia Business Park. Perfectly located downtown, it is also ideal for the new office locations along Tsarigradsko Shose.

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How to Find the Right Luxury Apartments Sofia

Timing is everything when seeking the right luxury apartments Sofia. Seasons do play a role in your successful rental of luxury apartments Sofia, but there are still ways you can improve your chances of finding the right property and negotiating effectively for your dream luxury apartments Sofia. Read on for more tips and tricks!

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Timing for luxury apartments Sofia

Your first goal is to narrow your timing and to decide which month(s) you would like to rent luxury apartments Sofia. In any case it is essential to start searching weeks before relocating. Most people plan vacating their rental luxury apartments Sofia well ahead of time, so checking relevant vacancies as soon as tenants have decided to leave improves your chances dramatically. Being flexible is not always possible due to individual circumstances, but keeping flexible dates may be key in some cases. For example, some luxury apartments Sofia located in the center or near universities may be available during the summer when school is out and vacations are in full swing and apartments are not used. Being flexible for specific weeks of occupation of luxury apartments Sofia is thus key to keep in mind.

Budget for luxury apartments Sofia

If you want to rent luxury apartments Sofia, remember that there is a distinction between short-term and long-term rental cost. Albeit subject to negotiations, long-term rents in luxury apartments Sofia may not include utilities whereas short-term rentals normally include utilities and cleaning.

Also keep in mind that short-term occupations of luxury apartments Sofia may not require a security deposit, but long-term rentals of luxury apartments Sofia most often do. The amount of the deposit, however, largely depends on your luxury apartments Sofia landlord. It may come as a surprise, but some luxury apartments Sofia landlords require prepayment of rents for both the first and the last month of your stay. Other landlords of luxury apartments Sofia ask tenants to employ only professional movers to avoid potential damages to their property. Still others require escrow accounts.

Although not widespread, some luxury apartments Sofia landlords also require tenants to conclude insurance policies.

Service charges may bring you additional fees for the upkeep of common amenities in the complex where your chosen luxury apartments Sofia in located, such as swimming pool, gym, and parking. Pet fees may also apply.

Although rentals of luxury apartments Sofia do not require the same extent of commitment as property ownership, they still require financial discipline. Plan ahead and keep in mind a picture of your financial standing before signing any rental agreements. This is especially applicable to young professionals or university students interested in luxury apartments Sofia who have little or no experience with rentals.

In short, the above should help you realize that having extra funds available prior to committing to luxury apartments Sofia is essential. In the end, all budget-related terms are also a product of the location of the luxury apartments Sofia.

Essentials for luxury apartments Sofia

Before committing to any specific luxury apartments Sofia we highly recommend viewing at least 2-3 of your top options. While touring each of the selected luxury apartments Sofia make sure you pay attention to the following:

  • Upon arrival in luxury apartments Sofia inspect locks on doors and windows. Needless to say, preferred luxury apartments Sofia offer impeccable security guaranteed by new or well-maintained doors and windows.
  • Flooring in luxury apartments Sofia is also important because it may show signs of existing or past leaks. Check for such problems on the walls and ceilings, too.
  • For those of you who have cars and use them extensively you need to also inspect the parking space(s) offered by your luxury apartments Sofia landlord.
  • appliances in your luxury apartments Sofia should also be inspected and tested. Make sure they are properly working.
  • lighting in luxury apartments Sofia is not to be underestimated, especially in areas where natural light may not be ample. Artificial light has a major impact on your overall mood and feel of luxury apartments Sofia.
  • The administration of luxury apartments Sofia may prove to be an issue if your landlord wishes to transfer utilities under your name.

Following the tips and considerations above should help you find the right luxury apartments Sofia and making the selected one feel like home. Investing time and effort in planning your budget, location, and priorities will pay off later on. We wish you all the best getting your preferred luxury apartments Sofia!

How to Find the Right Luxury Apartments Sofia

Timing for luxury apartments Sofia

Budget for luxury apartments Sofia

Essentials for luxury apartments Sofia


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