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Sofia Accommodation

Types of Sofia Accommodation

There are a number of options for Sofia accommodation that go beyond your choice of neighborhood and cost. Each type of Sofia accommodation provides a different level of facilities and experience for you. Let us discuss what Sofia accommodations there are and what facilities you could get where.

Here are the different Sofia accommodation types available when you travel.

Hostels for Sofia accommodation

Hostels normally provide the cheapest Sofia accommodation. They offer shared rooms with bunk beds, but some also have private rooms available. Often the amenities in such Sofia accommodation are shared and you don't get towels or toiletries included. Nevertheless, hostels may be a good option for your Sofia accommodation. Such Sofia accommodation options are normally very friendly and great for meeting new people, and they are often in great locations. Sometimes Sofia accommodation in hostels offer magnificent views, especially in older neighbourhoods. Here is what distinguishes hostels as Sofia accommodation:

  • Shared rooms and facilities
  • No free toiletries
  • Towels for a fee
  • Affordable bed options
  • Social atmosphere
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour reception
  • Often good location
  • Often used by younger guests
  • Great for travellers who want to connect

Guesthouses for Sofia accommodation

Guesthouses are normally family run and offer family-friendly Sofia accommodation. Hosts of such Sofia accommodation often take pride in their property, have local furnishings, and will generally make travellers staying there feel like it is their own home. Sofia accommodation in guesthouses may come with shared facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. You may get homemade food and even tours through Sofia accommodation in guesthouses. Here is what typically makes guesthouses for Sofia accommodation different:

  • Homely environment
  • Friendly staff, with them often being the owners
  • Cooking facilities
  • Fully-equipped bedroom and living space
  • Food options, including breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Great for cultural stays

Apartments for Sofia accommodation

Apartments used for Sofia accommodation are usually great for longer stays or when you want to have your own space to cook. Many apartments used for Sofia accommodation come with great furnishings and facilities. It is even better if you find serviced apartments for your Sofia accommodation. Garden apartments are a unique breed of Sofia accommodation that give you access to backyard space usually in the center of the capital in older buildings. Make sure your landlord is legitimate and treats the area of your Sofia accommodation against pests. Here are some common features for this kind of Sofia accommodation:

  • Modern and well-equipped
  • Bedroom, kitchen and living spaces
  • Sometimes washing machines
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Great for long stays

Hotels as the most common Sofia accommodation

Hotels are the most common Sofia accommodation, and they can offer the most facilities and varieties for your Sofia accommodation. They come in different star levels, and 5-star hotels in Sofia generally provide far greater services than 5-star hotels found in many other locations across the world. A one-star hotel will offer just a basic room with the bare essentials for your Sofia accommodation, and there is unlikely to be a pool, bar or anything besides the room.

As you go up the star levels of hotels for your Sofia accommodation hotels will offer more benefits, nicer furnishings, and more facilities in your room. During your Sofia accommodation you are likely to get bigger and better television sets, better coffee facilities, bigger and more comfortable beds. Your Sofia accommodation may also include a pool, fitness and spa facilities, bars and restaurants.

As your Sofia accommodation goes up the star ranking, service will also improve, with more highly ranked hotels boasting more staff and 24-hour concierge. Here is what to look for in hotels:

  • Separate bedroom and bathroom
  • Sometimes different room options throughout the hotel
  • Living rooms (suites)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Concierge
  • TVs with multiple channels, movies and more
  • Room service
  • 24-hour receptions
  • Well-equipped rooms including toiletries, bathrobes, coffee machines and more
  • Pool and fitness facilities
  • Business and conference facilities

More information about rentals here.

Resort for your Sofia accommodation

Albeit limited in supply there is one more type of Sofia accommodation, and that is a resort. This type of Sofia accommodation is limited near the capital. They are self-contained and come with all the facilities you may need. Here is that is on offer:

  • pools
  • All-inclusive options which can include meals and drinks.
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 24-hour reception
  • Gym facilities
  • Excursion and activity options
  • Well-equipped rooms with private bathrooms, television facilities and more

Whatever you decide to choose for your Sofia accommodation always read reviews in advance to get opinions of other travellers or check sites that provide reviews on Sofia accommodation. Alternatively, check for personal reviews on blogs with feedback on Sofia accommodation.

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Types of Sofia Accommodation
Hostels for Sofia accommodation
Guesthouses for Sofia accommodation
Apartments for Sofia accommodation
Hotels as the most common Sofia accommodation
Resort for your Sofia accommodation

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