Cleves Corporate Rental Apartments in Sofia

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Cleves Blvd Residence - B18

To rent | Total space: 157 sqm

2 Bedrooms  |  2+1 Bathrooms  |  1 Reception  |  1 Parking places

Cleves Blvd Residence - B18 is currently available at
a promotional rate of 1590 EUR + VAT per month.

This offer is valid until 31st July 2019
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How to Find the Right Luxury Apartments Sofia

Timing is everything when seeking the right luxury apartments Sofia. Seasons do play a role in your successful rental of luxury apartments Sofia, but there are still ways you can improve your chances of finding the right property and negotiating effectively for your dream luxury apartments Sofia. Read on for more tips and tricks!

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Timing for luxury apartments Sofia

Your first goal is to narrow your timing and to decide which month(s) you would like to rent luxury apartments Sofia. In any case it is essential to start searching weeks before relocating. Most people plan vacating their rental luxury apartments Sofia well ahead of time, so checking relevant vacancies as soon as tenants have decided to leave improves your chances dramatically. Being flexible is not always possible due to individual circumstances, but keeping flexible dates may be key in some cases. For example, some luxury apartments Sofia located in the center or near universities may be available during the summer when school is out and vacations are in full swing and apartments are not used. Being flexible for specific weeks of occupation of luxury apartments Sofia is thus key to keep in mind.

Budget for luxury apartments Sofia

If you want to rent luxury apartments Sofia, remember that there is a distinction between short-term and long-term rental cost. Albeit subject to negotiations, long-term rents in luxury apartments Sofia may not include utilities whereas short-term rentals normally include utilities and cleaning.

Also keep in mind that short-term occupations of luxury apartments Sofia may not require a security deposit, but long-term rentals of luxury apartments Sofia most often do. The amount of the deposit, however, largely depends on your luxury apartments Sofia landlord. It may come as a surprise, but some luxury apartments Sofia landlords require prepayment of rents for both the first and the last month of your stay. Other landlords of luxury apartments Sofia ask tenants to employ only professional movers to avoid potential damages to their property. Still others require escrow accounts.

Although not widespread, some luxury apartments Sofia landlords also require tenants to conclude insurance policies.

Service charges may bring you additional fees for the upkeep of common amenities in the complex where your chosen luxury apartments Sofia in located, such as swimming pool, gym, and parking. Pet fees may also apply.

Although rentals of luxury apartments Sofia do not require the same extent of commitment as property ownership, they still require financial discipline. Plan ahead and keep in mind a picture of your financial standing before signing any rental agreements. This is especially applicable to young professionals or university students interested in luxury apartments Sofia who have little or no experience with rentals.

In short, the above should help you realize that having extra funds available prior to committing to luxury apartments Sofia is essential. In the end, all budget-related terms are also a product of the location of the luxury apartments Sofia.

Essentials for luxury apartments Sofia

Before committing to any specific luxury apartments Sofia we highly recommend viewing at least 2-3 of your top options. While touring each of the selected luxury apartments Sofia make sure you pay attention to the following:

  • Upon arrival in luxury apartments Sofia inspect locks on doors and windows. Needless to say, preferred luxury apartments Sofia offer impeccable security guaranteed by new or well-maintained doors and windows.
  • Flooring in luxury apartments Sofia is also important because it may show signs of existing or past leaks. Check for such problems on the walls and ceilings, too.
  • For those of you who have cars and use them extensively you need to also inspect the parking space(s) offered by your luxury apartments Sofia landlord.
  • appliances in your luxury apartments Sofia should also be inspected and tested. Make sure they are properly working.
  • lighting in luxury apartments Sofia is not to be underestimated, especially in areas where natural light may not be ample. Artificial light has a major impact on your overall mood and feel of luxury apartments Sofia.
  • The administration of luxury apartments Sofia may prove to be an issue if your landlord wishes to transfer utilities under your name.

Following the tips and considerations above should help you find the right luxury apartments Sofia and making the selected one feel like home. Investing time and effort in planning your budget, location, and priorities will pay off later on. We wish you all the best getting your preferred luxury apartments Sofia!

How to Find the Right Luxury Apartments Sofia

Timing for luxury apartments Sofia

Budget for luxury apartments Sofia

Essentials for luxury apartments Sofia


How to Read a Lease when you Rent in Sofia

Reviewing the lease for property you rent in Sofia may sound like an easy task, but keep in mind that each market has its peculiarities, so know-how from another locale may not necessarily yield great results leases for rent in Sofia. Familiarizing yourself with the specific legal and commercial aspects of the lease is sometimes an overlooked part of the tenant-landlord relationship. Here are a few pieces of advice as you review the lease for rent in Sofia.

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Most likely it took a while to choose which apartment to rent in Sofia, so take your time and read the lease carefully. Your landlord for rent in Sofia may offer a standard lease form, but beware as those are often designed to protect the landlord more than the tenant. If available, have someone with experience with rent in Sofia who does not necessarily have to be a lawyer. Unlike commercial terms for rent in Sofia, there is not much negotiation room in leases, especially with landlords who take their lease as the lease. It is not uncommon for some to rent in Sofia by accepting the terms they are given at the beginning because of lack of owner flexibility. Still, here is what to know before you rent in Sofia:

  • Essentials for Rent in Sofia
  • Make sure the rent in Sofia you negotiated is actually in the lease, including commencement and end dates, address and apartment number, etc. Check the date each month when rent in Sofia is due and the security deposit amount. If your rent in Sofia lease has an option to renew, check if there is an escalation clause normally based on official consumer price indexation figures that are general but apply to rent in Sofia. If the renewal clause for rent in Sofia requires a renewal 90 days in advance by certified mail, emailing won’t do it.

  • Security Deposit for Rent in Sofia
  • Getting your security deposit returned after you finish your rent in Sofia can be a challenge. Detail correctly on the lease for rent in Sofia your security deposit, so you can expect its return within a reasonable period of time. Be specific and add a provision for your rent in Sofia lease that you’ll get the deposit back in a certain number of days after hand-back. Do not forget to document the final inspection of your property for rent in Sofia in writing to remove any doubt about who is responsible for what.

  • Utilities and Insurance for Rent in Sofia
  • Some landlords for rent in Sofia may include utilities in your monthly rent. Check what is included in your rent in Sofia property to ensure what utilities and paid by who.

    With regards to insurance, do keep in mind that your landlord’s insurance does not cover you as a tenant when you rent in Sofia. You need to insure your own property when you rent in Sofia against fire and theft, for example.

  • Pets when you Rent in Sofia
  • When you rent in Sofia keep in mind that not everyone likes animals. Keeping a dog or a cat may cause trouble. Make sure the lease for rent in Sofia allows you to keep a pet, so the landlord cannot withhold his/her consent later on. Ensure you comply with pet rules and policies when you rent in Sofia, too.

  • Use of Air Conditioners when you rent in Sofia
  • When you rent in Sofia you may find landlords who limit the number of A/C units you could use. Others prohibit them altogether because they do not want changes to the facade of their building for rent in Sofia. Yet others may wish to charge you a fee.

  • Use of Outdoor Space when you rent in Sofia
  • When you have outdoor space available as part of your rent in Sofia, make sure it’s in your lease. For example, specify whether your rent in Sofia includes access to a terrace, garden, where the space is and who has rights to it, who maintains is, etc.

  • Subletting and having roommates when your rent in Sofia
  • Standard leases for rent in Sofia require landlord approval to sublet, so check if your lease permits that. Remember that subletting does not apply when you rent in Sofia but plan to leave the apartment permanently and ask someone to take over your lease

    Roommates and significant others offer some flexibility when you rent in Sofia in that even if the lease is just in your name those could join you as long as you notify the landlord for long-term plans.

  • Renovations when you rent in Sofia
  • If your rent in Sofia landlord agrees to let you alter the apartment, make sure you get this in writing in the lease. Otherwise you would need to cover the cost of returning the property you rent in Sofia to its original condition. This applies to even something as small as a paint job.

  • Showing what you rent in Sofia when the lease is up
  • Most landlords include a provision in the lease to show the property you rent in Sofia to prospective tenants near the end of the lease. The exact terms of the arrangement should be reviewed closely. Try to limit it to certain days and make yourself available for viewings in what you rent in Sofia. Damages can occur while the property for rent in Sofia is being shown, and you should hold the landlord accountable for that.

  • Furnished apartments for rent in Sofia
  • If the apartment for rent in Sofia is furnished, the lease should list all furniture and stipulate an obligation for those to be in there when the lease starts.

How to Read a Lease when you Rent in Sofia

Essentials for Rent in Sofia

Security Deposit for Rent in Sofia

Utilities and Insurance for Rent in Sofia

Pets when you Rent in Sofia

Use of Air Conditioners when you rent in Sofia

Use of Outdoor Space when you rent in Sofia

Subletting and having roommates when your rent in Sofia

Renovations when you rent in Sofia

Showing what you rent in Sofia when the lease is up

Furnished apartments for rent in Sofia


Home Ownership vs. Rentals

The discussion concerning home ownership vs. rentals almost always leads to a passionate debate about which makes more financial sense. Both arguments do have valid points, which may make it confusing to choose rentals over home ownership. The most common argument in favour of home ownership goes along the lines of ‘Why would I keep a rental with a landlord instead of raising equity for a home?’ In reality, there are many financial reasons why rentals may be more compelling. You must also ensure that you are in a financial position to even consider home ownership over rentals. What is more, rentals are preferred when your social and professional life is not in order. Here are a few reasons why rentals may turn out to be more advantageous for you.

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Rentals vs. actual cost of home ownership

Few people realize that rentals do not come with such high cost as home ownership. There seems to be a widely-held opinion that buying a home makes more sense than rentals. Sometimes you may hear that every cent you pay in rentals is a cent you’ll never see again and that home ownership is a great investment. Rentals isn’t a waste of money. It is correct that you don’t see your money again, but you are getting something in return, i.e. rentals provide you with shelter for yourself and your family. Keep in mind that when you buy you’ll spend much money on interest payments, taxes and other fees, and that is money you will never see again. These non-rentals payments are not helping you build equity.

When considering rentals vs. home ownership you need to think about the true cost of home ownership and to perform a thorough examination of all related costs. You may think that a mortgage payment may be less than your current rentals, but that mortgage is just part of the story. For some, the associated costs of home ownership might be as high as 5-10% of their mortgage, so the comparison to rentals needs to include all costs. What might those home ownership expenses be that you do not get with rentals? The list below is not exhaustive and does not take into account the additional cost of new furniture, upgrades or equipment new home owners often find themselves buying. Here is what you don’t incur in rentals:

  • upfront fees charged by lenders for processing a new loan
  • property transfer taxes
  • mortgage interest
  • real estate broker commission
  • legal fees
  • annual mortgage interest payments
  • home owner insurance
  • property taxes
  • utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, water, etc.)
  • maintenance & repairs
  • service charges
  • investment opportunity cost, i.e. what you could have done with your mortgage money such as going for rentals

Rentals might cost less, even over the long term

After seeing that list of expenses, you may start doubting that rentals are more expensive than home ownership. Rentals in fact are preferred if you know you won’t live there for at least five years. Why is that? For one, home ownership for 30 years lets you offset closing costs by the growth in your home value provided the real estate market is with you at that time (rentals market swings much less, buy the way). If you decide against rentals but still only own your home for four years chances are the home’s value won’t have increased, which in effect means that closing costs will make you lose money on your investment. What is more, unlike rentals where payments are equal month over month, mortgage payments at the beginning of the term go disproportionately to interest rather than principal.

To decide if it makes more financial sense to go for rentals or home ownership you need to compare the total rentals cost with the total cost of home ownership. Both rentals and home ownership involve many assumptions that are unique to you. The more accurate your assumptions related to a rentals situation are, the more accurate your conclusion would be. In general, it’s tough to predict how long you would own a home, which is why with rentals you have one major benefit, i.e. being flexible. In general, with rentals you pay much less (if anything) up front. While many landlords ask for first and last month’s rentals payments as a security deposit, this is still less than what you’d likely pay for a down payment. With rentals, you may not be able to update or personalize your living space, but your rentals landlord is responsible for fixing broken items. There is some risk that in the future your rent may increase, but rentals are flexible and relocating or re-negotiating may be easier. What if you move cities or change jobs in the near future? Rentals require much less responsibility than home ownership in such situations.

All in all, while rentals may not be the preferred option for each of us, evaluating your options for rentals against home ownership is a worthwhile exercise that you should not overlook regardless of your current opinion on rentals.

Home Ownership vs. Rentals

Rentals vs. actual cost of home ownership

Rentals might cost less, even over the long term


Different Types of Rental Properties

Going through listings of rental properties in your search for new accommodation may leave you confused because ads typically offer limited descriptions of rental properties. Often, it’s just limited to studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom, or just a slightly more thorough description like studio, co-op or basement. However, there are many types of rental properties that go far beyond just how many bedrooms they offer. Understanding the different types of rental properties should help you decide which one is right for you. Here is a starting list of rental properties types to consider.

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  • Basement rental properties

    As the name implies, basement rental properties are underground with a full house or building built over them. They’re typically no different from regular rental properties, and they come with a full bathroom and all the standard fare. Depending on the unit, however, there could be significant differences. For example, in basement rental properties you may need to enter and exit through the house above and you might be subject to noise from upstairs. Basement rental properties usually only provide small windows that give access to little or no natural light or fresh air. Partly for those reasons basement rental properties are not legal in certain locales.

  • Classic six rental properties

    Classic six rental properties are six-room rental properties consisting of a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a second bedroom with a second full bathroom, a living room, a formal dining room, a full kitchen and a study or third bedroom off the kitchen. Often these rental properties are located in older buildings and feature hardwood floors, high ceilings, and in some cases even fireplaces.

  • Co-op rental properties

    Co-op rental properties are units found in standard apartment buildings, and they are run by their users or an elected board as opposed to a landlord or a company. Residents in co-op rental properties vote to approve new tenants and set up rules of residence in the rental properties there.

  • Convertible rental properties

    Convertible rental properties are based on variable layouts of standard one- or two-bedroom rental properties that create spots for additional bedrooms by splitting existing rooms in half. To accomplish such flexibility owners of these rental properties install temporary walls in living rooms for the extra space. These are also known as a flexible rental properties.

  • Corporate rental properties

    Simply put, corporate rental properties are allocated to businesses for mid-to-extended stays, and those rental properties are usually paid for by the company. Corporate rental properties are often serviced apartments or in apartment hotels.

  • Duplex rental properties

    Duplex rental properties consist of two separate single family units in a single building with a single owner. These rental properties are typically inside a house-like building, with the units connected by a shared wall and separate entrances to the outside. Duplex rental properties often feature amenities that are less common in apartment buildings such as in-unit laundry. Certain municipalities define duplex rental properties as single-occupancy apartments in tall buildings spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase. Such rental properties are also known as maisonettes.

  • Garden rental properties

    Most common in urban areas, a garden apartment refers to a ground floor apartment that has direct and private access to a garden. There are normally multiple adjacent neighbours with a similar setup in the same building.

  • Loft rental properties

    Loft rental properties are usually located on top floors, and they are set up as single large, open spaces for the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom without internal dividing walls. These rental properties are much preferred by artist types, young urban professionals, and they often have exposed original brick walls, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of those may be located in converted warehouses and industrial buildings although with the increased interest in such rental properties some developers built them like that intentionally

  • Penthouse rental properties

    Although penthouse rental properties are technically built on the roofs of buildings, the standard usage is any top floor apartment of a high-rise. Typically, such rental properties are more expensive and may contain balconies or open roof spaces.

  • Railroad rental properties

    Railroad rental properties are long and skinny, and they have a hallway running along the whole length. Rooms in such rental properties are aligned on one side of the hallway and most often living rooms and kitchens are in the front part while bedrooms are in the back.

  • Serviced rental properties

    Serviced rental properties are like regular furnished apartments where all required services and amenities are provided and short- and long-term accommodation is available. Such rental properties offer both fixed leases and open-term leases where tenants can check out with advance notice.

  • Studio rental properties

    Studio rental properties are apartments with single rooms that function as bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen and an enclosed bathroom. These rental properties vary in size even though most tenants presume small areas.

Different Types of Rental Properties

Basement rental properties

Classic six rental properties

Co-op rental properties

Convertible rental properties

Corporate rental properties

Duplex rental properties

Garden rental properties

Loft rental properties

Penthouse rental properties

Railroad rental properties

Serviced rental properties

Studio rental properties


What are Serviced Apartments Sofia?

Much like serviced apartments elsewhere, serviced apartments Sofia have been around longer than most people think, and they are making an ever-increasing impact on the sector of residential accommodation. Serviced apartments Sofia are becoming quite popular as they present an opportunity to be home away from home. But exactly what are serviced apartments Sofia?

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In the past, hotel accommodation provided the one and only option for people traveling for a short-term or long-term stay. However, with time serviced apartments Sofia have become a valued alternative for both families and business travellers. Serviced apartments Sofia may be perceived as an umbrella term for furnished apartments available for both short-term and long-term stays that offer various amenities, housekeeping and services for guests. Serviced apartments Sofia also require no separate payments for taxes and utilities, which are traditionally included in the rental price.

Serviced apartments Sofia offer facilities much like traditional hotels. However, serviced apartments Sofia offer the space, convenience and privacy associated with home. In effect, with serviced apartments Sofia you can enjoy living like a local abroad. Serviced apartments Sofia have private cooking facilities, usually a kitchenette and often a full-size kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine, larger living and sleeping areas than most standard hotel rooms, and sometimes grant you access to gyms, restaurants, meeting space, concierges and other hotel-like services.

Serviced apartments Sofia as a term has been used relatively little outside the corporate relocation and business travel industries. Booking websites have offered serviced apartments Sofia as booking options, but there was no separate category and most are just labelled ‘apartment’ and offered as another option alongside regular hotel rooms.

But serviced apartments Sofia increasingly impact leisure travel as people find them credible and cost-effective. Serviced apartments Sofia are especially economical for longer stays, group travel or family parties, allowing savings on dining out and offering in-house entertainment as well as helping you live like a local.

There is an important distinction between serviced apartments Sofia and the semi- or unregulated parts of the sharing economy. Home-share sites offer you to move into someone else’s home for your stay, but then you take a chance with health and safety. Here is what differentiates serviced apartments Sofia:

  • A fully equipped kitchen, usually with both dishwasher and washer and/or dryer
  • One or more separate bedrooms
  • A living area
  • A bathroom
  • Cable TV and Wi-Fi
  • All utilities included in the rent for the serviced apartments Sofia, such as bills for water and electricity
  • A weekly housekeeping service (many operators offer a more frequent service if required)

While serviced apartments Sofia are a unifying term there are distinct categories that can generally be defined as follows:

  • Serviced apartments Sofia
  • Serviced apartments Sofia are self-contained apartments within a residential building. There may or may not be staff on site, so the operator may arrange to meet guests on arrival or make keys available via a safety deposit box. Some serviced apartments Sofia may even offer keyless entry access via smartphones or other technology. In some cases guests benefit from a 24-hour helpline.

  • Aparthotel
  • These serviced apartments Sofia are within a dedicated building, offering hotel-like services with a 24-hour reception. Such serviced apartments Sofia may also offer additional facilities like a communal lounge or an on-site gym. Some operators may also call their serviced apartments Sofia ‘suites’.

  • Corporate Housing
  • Serviced apartments Sofia referred to as corporate housing are furnished apartments made available for rent or lease on a temporary basis usually for 30 days or more. The corporate travel world has seen the advantage of this kind of serviced apartments Sofia accommodation for executives on longer business trips or during relocations. Such serviced apartments Sofia allow the traveller a more ‘normal’ way of life outside hotels, with the chance to cook, relax and plan their time away from hotel operating hours.

Viewed from a cost perspective serviced apartments Sofia may provide savings due to the lack of room service charges, bar tabs, and restaurant bills. Serviced apartments Sofia have a kitchen and guests are able to cater to themselves when and what they prefer to eat.

Moving to serviced apartments Sofia requires a smooth and safe process. To achieve such a process it is a good idea to pan well ahead, especially when coming with children. Prepare family members psychologically for the move to serviced apartments Sofia. Do not hesitate to encourage kids to pack their luggage themselves to involve them and help them recognize the move as their own effort. Feel free to hire professional movers when relocating to your chosen serviced apartments Sofia.

Serviced apartments Sofia also provide enhanced privacy and freedom. You can then relax in serviced apartments Sofia where you are guaranteed not to be disturbed by anyone. Security is also at a good level in serviced apartments Sofia, and some owners of serviced apartments Sofia have CCTV. Serviced apartments Sofia in Cleves Este, for example, offer a 24-hour live security and concierge service. The service is there to assist guests with their individual travel or social arrangements to and from the serviced apartments Sofia.

The location of serviced apartments Sofia is not to be underestimated as a benefit, too. Some serviced apartments Sofia can be found in the heart of tourist destinations whereas others offer the peace and tranquillity of living near the mountains.

The flexibility of stay in serviced apartments Sofia is also an advantage as you are able to come and leave more freely. Serviced apartments Sofia are usually not limited to accommodation after 2:00pm or departure by 12:00pm.

What are Serviced Apartments Sofia?


Types of Sofia Accommodation

There are a number of options for Sofia accommodation that go beyond your choice of neighborhood and cost. Each type of Sofia accommodation provides a different level of facilities and experience for you. Let us discuss what Sofia accommodations there are and what facilities you could get where.

More information

Here are the different Sofia accommodation types available when you travel.

Hostels for Sofia accommodation

Hostels normally provide the cheapest Sofia accommodation. They offer shared rooms with bunk beds, but some also have private rooms available. Often the amenities in such Sofia accommodation are shared and you don’t get towels or toiletries included. Nevertheless, hostels may be a good option for your Sofia accommodation. Such Sofia accommodation options are normally very friendly and great for meeting new people, and they are often in great locations. Sometimes Sofia accommodation in hostels offer magnificent views, especially in older neighbourhoods. Here is what distinguishes hostels as Sofia accommodation:

  • Shared rooms and facilities
  • No free toiletries
  • Towels for a fee
  • Affordable bed options
  • Social atmosphere
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour reception
  • Often good location
  • Often used by younger guests
  • Great for travellers who want to connect

Guesthouses for Sofia accommodation

Guesthouses are normally family run and offer family-friendly Sofia accommodation. Hosts of such Sofia accommodation often take pride in their property, have local furnishings, and will generally make travellers staying there feel like it is their own home. Sofia accommodation in guesthouses may come with shared facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. You may get homemade food and even tours through Sofia accommodation in guesthouses. Here is what typically makes guesthouses for Sofia accommodation different:

  • Homely environment
  • Friendly staff, with them often being the owners
  • Cooking facilities
  • Fully-equipped bedroom and living space
  • Food options, including breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Great for cultural stays

Apartments for Sofia accommodation

Apartments used for Sofia accommodation are usually great for longer stays or when you want to have your own space to cook. Many apartments used for Sofia accommodation come with great furnishings and facilities. It is even better if you find serviced apartments for your Sofia accommodation. Garden apartments are a unique breed of Sofia accommodation that give you access to backyard space usually in the center of the capital in older buildings. Make sure your landlord is legitimate and treats the area of your Sofia accommodation against pests. Here are some common features for this kind of Sofia accommodation:

  • Modern and well-equipped
  • Bedroom, kitchen and living spaces
  • Sometimes washing machines
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Great for long stays

Hotels as the most common Sofia accommodation

Hotels are the most common Sofia accommodation, and they can offer the most facilities and varieties for your Sofia accommodation. They come in different star levels, and 5-star hotels in Sofia generally provide far greater services than 5-star hotels found in many other locations across the world. A one-star hotel will offer just a basic room with the bare essentials for your Sofia accommodation, and there is unlikely to be a pool, bar or anything besides the room.

As you go up the star levels of hotels for your Sofia accommodation hotels will offer more benefits, nicer furnishings, and more facilities in your room. During your Sofia accommodation you are likely to get bigger and better television sets, better coffee facilities, bigger and more comfortable beds. Your Sofia accommodation may also include a pool, fitness and spa facilities, bars and restaurants.

As your Sofia accommodation goes up the star ranking, service will also improve, with more highly ranked hotels boasting more staff and 24-hour concierge. Here is what to look for in hotels:

  • Separate bedroom and bathroom
  • Sometimes different room options throughout the hotel
  • Living rooms (suites)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Concierge
  • TVs with multiple channels, movies and more
  • Room service
  • 24-hour receptions
  • Well-equipped rooms including toiletries, bathrobes, coffee machines and more
  • Pool and fitness facilities
  • Business and conference facilities

Resort for your Sofia accommodation

Albeit limited in supply there is one more type of Sofia accommodation, and that is a resort. This type of Sofia accommodation is limited near the capital. They are self-contained and come with all the facilities you may need. Here is that is on offer:

  • pools
  • All-inclusive options which can include meals and drinks.
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 24-hour reception
  • Gym facilities
  • Excursion and activity options
  • Well-equipped rooms with private bathrooms, television facilities and more

Whatever you decide to choose for your Sofia accommodation always read reviews in advance to get opinions of other travellers or check sites that provide reviews on Sofia accommodation. Alternatively, check for personal reviews on blogs with feedback on Sofia accommodation.

Types of Sofia Accommodation
Hostels for Sofia accommodation
Guesthouses for Sofia accommodation
Apartments for Sofia accommodation
Hotels as the most common Sofia accommodation
Resort for your Sofia accommodation


A Brief Architectural Guide to Homes BG Sofia

Finding the right homes BG Sofia for rent may prove challenging when you consider the multitude of options available and the negotiation and rental agreement process. However, to appreciate your selected homes BG Sofia it is essential to be familiar with the local history and architectural heritage. Here is a brief guide to the architecture of homes BG Sofia.

More information

  • Pre-Independence homes BG Sofia
  • Bulgaria’s capital offers a surprising architectural mix encompassing ancient Byzantine churches and modern office buildings as well as many types of homes BG Sofia in between. Those architectural styles are visible throughout the city, and they provide a pleasant stroll through the history of homes BG Sofia.

    Prior to Bulgaria’s national independence in the 19th century, Sofia was a home to less than 12,000 inhabitants with a limited variety of homes BG Sofia. The city had two schools, seven churches, 30 mosques, and 3,300 homes BG Sofia. It did not play a major role in the Bulgarian Revival, so it did not have many homes BG Sofia in the Bulgarian Revival architectural tradition seen in other parts of the country. In fact, Western travellers visiting Sofia in the 18th and 19th centuries were not impressed by homes BG Sofia, and described streets as mud-covered, dark, and narrow.

    Starting in 1879 that was about to change for homes BG Sofia after Sofia was chosen for the capital of the newly independent Bulgaria. Part of the effort included providing better homes BG Sofia, and architects from Central Europe were commissioned to work on the new capital. In the course of a few decades Sofia grew providing more and more homes BG Sofia and public buildings that turned it into a distinctively European city.

  • Post-Independence homes BG Sofia
  • The lack of local traditions and the desire to assert a European identity drove Sofia’s administrators to seek non-traditional options for homes BG Sofia and to welcome architectural styles typical for Central Europe for the country’s first public buildings. The Austrian architectural influence was already visible in Bulgarian cities on the Danube River, but soon after the Independence it dominated homes BG Sofia in the new Bulgarian capital Sofia. Architects from Central Europe arrived in Sofia to build the first grand private homes BG Sofia and administrative buildings in the city. Though erected on a short schedule, many of those homes BG Sofia still stand today.

  • The grandest of all homes BG Sofia: the King’s Palace
  • One of the architectural priorities after Bulgaria’s independence was the building of the most special of all homes BG Sofia, namely the residence for the king. It was the most important of all homes BG Sofia, and it was finished in 1896 when a new section was added to the northeast. Being the first grand homes BG Sofia it set the course for the future architectural development of Sofia for the following decades. This homes BG Sofia jewel now hosts the National Art Gallery.

  • The first public buildings
  • Albeit not part of the selection of homes BG Sofia, there are several public buildings worth mentioning from the first years of independence. The Military Club is a Neo-Renaissance building with the typical symmetry and rectangular decorative elements of that architectural style. Another non-homes BG Sofia building is The National Theatre - a neoclassical architectural symbol of Sofia inaugurated in 1907. The National Gallery for Foreign Art is another non-homes BG Sofia building that was finished in 1884 in the neoclassical style.

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in 1912, and it caused debate for the supposed lack of harmony between its main dome and the bell tower. At times there was even a serious discussion about removing the tower, but it quickly became the undisputed symbol of the city and one of the prime examples of Neo-Byzantine architecture. Today it is surrounded by many coveted homes BG Sofia.

  • Vienna Secession as a first influence on homes BG Sofia
  • The Vienna Secession style influenced much of the homes BG Sofia architecture at the beginning of the 20th century. Floral motifs, dynamic roofs, and the typical whiplash decorations can still be seen around many homes BG Sofia. Bulgarian architects started emerging with multiple homes BG Sofia projects. Some local homes BG Sofia architects even introduced modernism to Sofia.

    After the Balkan wars and World War I the construction of homes BG Sofia received significant financial resources thanks to the stable economic upsurge. Public buildings like the Bulgarian National Bank were also completed in the late 1930s

  • Stalinist Architecture in non-homes BG Sofia
  • The personality cult during Communism can be seen in Stalinist architecture even though this style was foreign to the urban fabric of Sofia for both homes BG Sofia and public buildings well until the 1950s. The Largo is one example of non-homes BG Sofia Stalinist architecture that drew direct influence from the architecture of the USSR. The large central tower is topped by a long spire, which is an element Stalin fancied himself.

  • Communist Mass homes BG Sofia
  • Partly to solve the consistent shortage of homes BG Sofia, and partly to build up cities and emphasize collectivism, in the 1970s the government started building large pre-fabricated panel homes BG Sofia. Despite the current grim state of some of those homes BG Sofia initially they were preferred. Most of those homes BG Sofia featured amenities like central heating and hot water. Urban spaces near such homes BG Sofia had many monuments and most are available to see today.

    The first modern urban plan for homes BG Sofia featured an urban layout that followed the Vienna example of rectangular street planning oriented by the åast-west and north-south axes.

    In the most recent period of its development after the democratic changes in Bulgaria homes BG Sofia are marked by variety and experimental flair driven by the ambitions of contemporary local architects. The outlook of homes BG Sofia has been modernized to a considerable extent, and a number of beautiful homes BG Sofia in the historic center of the city have been restored. Gradually a more sensible attitude towards older homes BG Sofia through a ‘post-modern’ accommodation in new structures built of glass has been gaining ground.

A Brief Architectural Guide to Homes BG Sofia
Pre-Independence homes BG Sofia
Post-Independence homes BG Sofia
The grandest of all homes BG Sofia: the King’s Palace
The first public buildings
Vienna Secession as a first influence on homes BG Sofia
Stalinist Architecture in non-homes BG Sofia
Communist Mass homes BG Sofia


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