Cleves News: Why choose Cleves? (part 2)
Why choose Cleves? (part 2)

Why choose Cleves? (part 2)

Finding a rental apartment that fits all your needs is not easy. Beyond the look, layout and equipment, there are several things you might want to consider for real peace of mind some obvious, some not

For example, you may have found the perfect apartment. But have you found the right landlord?

Here are some more advantages of renting a Cleves apartment:

  • Cleves owns and operates each of our rental buildings, ensuring efficient and professional management at all times.
  • We offer both long- and short-term rental terms.
  • Every Cleves apartment has a full security system, with burglar alarm motion detection, and access alarms on the windows. The front doors have triple bolts.
  • Most of our properties have security staff on site 24 hours a day.
  • We have a team available to fix any problems with your apartment. Typically issues are resolved on the day they are reported.
  • We pay your utility bills and pass the bill to you at cost so you dont have to deal with the electricity / gas / water companies.
  • There are no additional management fees; these are already included in your monthly rent.

The team behind Cleves is British. Our background is in the London residential market and multinational companies.

We have thought long and hard about the features that matter most when you rent an apartment in Sofia, and would be very pleased to discuss your requirements.

Please call us on 0700 17 008

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