Cleves News: Why choose Cleves? (part 1)
Why choose Cleves? (part 1)

Why choose Cleves? (part 1)

We are often asked: What is so different about Cleves? There are many apartments available for rent in Sofia – why select one from the Cleves portfolio?

Good question! Here are some of the reasons to choose Cleves:

  • All our apartments are interior-designed and fully furnished; each unit in the portfolio is different and distinctive.
  • We own and operate 94 apartments in Sofia, with more in development. All are fitted out to a very high standard.
  • In each we have installed modern hand-crafted kitchens, all with electric hobs, microwave, coffee makers and dishwashers.
  • Wi-fi is already installed and working in every apartment.  So is a flat-screened TV with cable access. The costs of both are included in your monthly rent.
  • Every apartment has air-conditioning built in; this is important in the summer months – temperatures in Sofia can get very hot.
  • Every apartment has its own underground parking space, with elevator access to your living area.

Tomorrow we'll list a few more of the features that make renting a Cleves apartment so attractive.

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