Cleves News: Sofia apartments: the smartest long and short-term rental accommodation
Sofia apartments: the smartest long and short-term rental accommodation

Sofia apartments: the smartest long and short-term rental accommodation

For the last decades, the capital of Bulgaria has undergone ever-increasing importance as a prominent hub for foreign business, event, and residential visitors. 

Well-developed public transportation, budget-friendly luxury accommodation, and fair living costs are logically drawing thousands of long and short-term visitors to the city annually.

As far as places to stay are concerned, Sofia apartments can easily be named the most intelligent accommodation around town. And Cleves is here to tell you why.

The advantages of Sofia apartments for short-term rental

Suppose you are a business visitor, an event participant, or a casual tourist in the capital of Bulgaria. In that case, you will need a fine place to stay for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

Renting an apartment in Sofia has several advantages compared to crowdy hotels, including:

  • They are private and provide flexible scheduling, with no additional fees for late-night or early-morning check-ins.
  • They are hygienic and do not accumulate large crowds.
  • They are stylish and well-equipped with all you need for an independent stay in Sofia.
  • Sofia apartments for rent offer the fairest price/quality balance for both local and foreign residents.

Are you looking for a more extended stay? We have some more good news for you.

The advantages of Sofia apartments for long-term rental

If you prepare a more prolonged stay in Bulgaria, renting an apartment is definitely a must.

When renting an apartment from Cleves, you get a 100% guarantee for the status, the authenticity, and the reliability of the proprietor - unlike other agencies, we actually own all of our rental homes.

Engaging in a long-term property rental will bring you safety, convenience, and a luxurious experience. Our long-term rental Sofia apartments have several additional extras, including:

  • Operated security or electronic access control;
  • Air conditioning and central heating;
  • Full domestic electrical appliances equipment;
  • Mesmerizing interior design;
  • Full management and maintenance of the common parts of the building;
  • A minimum of one parking space;
  • Wi-fi Internet access
  • Cable TV, and more.

Because helping you live well is what we do for a living!

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