Cleves News: The eyes have it
The eyes have it

The eyes have it

Initially there was nothing out of the ordinary. To mark the 1,000th anniversary of his death, Bulgaria wanted to honour one of its heroes: Tzar Samuil. A competition was set up and the commission awarded. The winning sculptor went to work and on June 8 amidst much pomp the country’s President unveiled the statue in central Sofia.

Only later that evening - according to Sofia Globe - did passers-by notice something unusual: the statue’s eyes. The sculptor had taken it upon himself to use material that causes them to shine in the dark. He said they "glow with an inner light" to show that he's remembering a defeat which saw his soldiers taken prisoner and blinded on the orders of Byzantine Emperor Basil II. Every night since scores of people come to see those glow-in-the-dark eyes. Online Tzar Samuil has become the recipient of much Darth-Veda-themed jocularity.

Predictably, the statue now has its own Twitter account: @TzarSamuil.  Tweets so far have included jokes about himself, an announcement that henceforth he will be charging €1 for a selfie with him (€2.50 if with children), and a complaint that he has not yet been invited on breakfast television.

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