Cleves News: Digging for gold
Digging for gold

Digging for gold

Gold has been known and used in Bulgaria at least since Thracian times – 5,000 BC or earlier.  But today gold mining in Bulgaria is starting to attract serious foreign investment.

Currently, only one gold mine operates in the country – run by Canadian-owned Dundee Precious Metals. But now Dundee has discovered a further 25-ton deposit at another location.  A second Canadian company recently found two more deposits estimated at over 100 tons of gold, and other large exploratory digs are underway.

Dundee extracts very large quantities of mixed copper-silver-gold ore annually here, but for environmental reasons is not permitted to process it in Bulgaria.  Amazingly, the ore is sent all the way to southern Africa for refining – tens of thousands of tons being transported to the Black Sea by train, and then by boat to a company-owned smelter in the north of Namibia.

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