Cleves News: Trifon Zarezan day
Trifon Zarezan day

Trifon Zarezan day

Today, the first day of February, is Trifon Zarezan (St. Trifon the Pruner) in Bulgaria - a day dedicated to the trimming of the vines and rich in tradition.

“Early in the morning the housewife prepares a ceremonial bread, boils a chicken and prepares a flask of wine, all of which are placed in a colourful woolen bag together with a bottle of holy water from the church.

“Facing the rising sun, several twigs are cut from one or three roots either in the middle or in a corner of the vineyard. The vine is ‘watered’ with wine and the blessed water to protect it from hail and frost…”

In Your Pocket (source of the 2 paragraphs above) has more on Trifon Zarezan, plus great information about Bulgaria’s other Winter Holidays and Traditions.

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