Cleves News: Fast expansion of renewable energy
Fast expansion of renewable energy

Fast expansion of renewable energy

The solar power systems company Premier Power Renewable Energy has started construction of a 16.2 megawatts-peak solar power plant in Zdravetz, Bulgaria.

The project actually consists of four solar farms that range between 3 MW and 5 MW in size.  Each of these farms will be located on land that was once used to mine coal.

Bulgaria has a target to generate 16% of its power from renewable sources by 2020. According to Premier Power, this installation will nearly double the country’s solar capacity.

Wind is the primary power source Bulgaria uses to meet its target. However solar has grown fast.  Four years ago there was 1.4 MW of installed solar power in Bulgaria. When this project is complete Bulgaria will have nearly 40 MW of operational solar power.

A thirty-fold increase in the last four years is quite an accomplishment.

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