To keep you posted on latest developments in Bulgaria, here is up-to-date news reported by Sofia News Agency.

Leader of GERB: Bulgaria Must be More Stable Than Ever

''Our ideology is that everyone in Bulgaria is equal and has access to all posts when meeting the requirements. This is what Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (CEDB) the  leader of GERB Boiko Borisov said during the closing of CEDB’s election campaign in Sofia.

He explained that there were Bulgarian Muslims among CEDB’s magistrates, mayors, and MP.

“They are a bridge, and not a dividing line, as others attempt to do,” Boiko Borisov commented.

“This is a monstrous thing, what could happen to Bulgaria. I appeal to those who attempt to do it and I have not believed that they could act in such an ugly fashion,” he explained.

“On Monday, the state must be more stable than ever. We have a neighbour which scares every day not only Bulgaria, but the entirety of Europe,” Borisov stressed.

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Protest of Animal Breeders Will be Organised Next Week in Front of Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Next week, a protest of animal breeders will be organised in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, said Ivan Chalakov, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian National Animal Breeding Association (NABA), according to Focus News.

Today, the animal breeders blocked main road E-79 for five minutes in the region of Zheleznitsa. “We blocked the main road E-79 for 5 minutes, but cars gathered. Imagine what would happen if we block it for 2 hours – we will paralyse the whole transit in the region,” Chalakov stressed.

Each week, protests must be organised until the animal breeders’ problems are solved, he believed.

“We protested against the issued order of Minister Hristo Bozukov, which stopped measure 11 and measure 1, against Regulation 3 of livestock, because of which between 600,000 and 800,000 sheep will not receive subsidy. We also demand to stop the money given for geese, ornithological areas, etc. as under these schemes there are candidates and money continue to be given,” he explained. Ivan Chalakov noted that through these schemes, funds were drained which were intended for agriculture. According to him, the minister could cancel the order or change it and issue a new one.

Additionally, it will be decided on what day exactly the protest in Sofia will take place next week, as it depends on the farmers’ preparedness. Chalakov also said that transit in the region of Zheleznitsa is already restored.

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Conference in Sofia to Promote Investment in Transport

A regional conference to promote investments in the transport sector is held today in the Bulgarian capital city, announced from BNR.

The conference is under the auspices of the European Commission and the Ministry of Transport and with the participation of European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc.

The discussions involve representatives of the Commission, Bulgarian institutions, the public sector and businesses.

The EC would present an invitation for proposals that could attract 1 billion euros in addition to private initiatives aimed at key transport projects.

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28 Migrants Found in Burning Truck in Bulgaria

Twenty-eight migrants were found in a burning truck near the village of Rezovo close to the Bulgarian - Turkish border, according to BNR.

The burning truck was discovered near a forest road. It had Sofia registration plates and was loaded with gravel. The fire was extinguished by a team of three firefighters. It was the cab of the truck that was burning.

After the fire was put out firefighters discovered a secret compartment, where 28 migrants who illegally crossed the border of Bulgaria, were found. They were not hurt by the fire. The driver of the truck fled the accident and has not been found yet.

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GERB's Borisov To Sue BSP's Ninova

GERB’s chairman Boyko Borisov is initiating a law suit against the chairwoman of BSP Korneliya Ninova. Borisov’s suit against Ninova is because of her statement regarding Borisov – “You are a thief”, made on Thursday morning on Nova TV, announced GERB.

With this statement, Ninova is damaging the honour and dignity of Boyko Borisov and breaking the law.

At the moment, Borisov’s lawyers are drafting the legal suit which will be submitted to the Sofia City Court by the end of the working day on Thursday.

The funds ruled by the court will be donated to charity by Boyko Borisov.

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New Europe: EU Sees Transport Investment Opportunities in Bulgaria

European Union Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc will discuss transport investment in the Balkan country on March 23-24, during a conference in Sofia, which brings together public and private institutions involved in transport financing and planning, New Europe reports.

The objective of the event is to help countries in the region to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe to enhance their transport network, the Commission said in a press release on March 23.

Boosting infrastructure investment is also vital to stimulate the recent economic recovery and better integrate the region to the internal market, important priorities of the Juncker Commission.

“Public grants will not be enough to deliver on our vision for seamless, intelligent and sustainable mobility. With the Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe, we want to offer innovative solutions such as blending funds to mobilise additional private financing,” Bulc said.

“This is particularly important in the cohesion countries where we still need more work to bridge the infrastructure investment gap with other parts of Europe. Boosting investment is also vital to strengthen the region’s competitiveness and stimulate the recent economic recovery”.

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Urban Saints - an Exhibition by Stefan Vasilev


SoEXHIBITION is loading the walls in SOHO with food for the soul in the form of paintings, photographs and installations.

We present Stefan Vassilev and his project URBAN SAINTS – portrait series of photographs of beautiful ladies, catched on a famous locations in Sofia as a result of the serious overlap of modernism in Bulgarian urban architecture.

Symbolically the exhibition expresses what every creative person is looking for himself without even realizing it. This may be the moment when you found something meaningful; something that challenges you, inspires you, or making you eagerly to expect the next day, the next situation, the next acquaintance.

Stefan Vasilev is a graphic designer and his creative work has been part of many exhibitions, publications and design books. For most of his professional time he worked in advertising agencies and design studios, and from several months he works as freelance photographer.  About 5 years ago he became interested in photography and began experimenting with ideas and techniques, trying to find a direction in which to feel comfortable while expressing himself.

 According to his words, URBAN SAINTS is a series of portrait photographs that he started in 2012. ‘’The idea was to meet and photograph beautiful inspiring women in a very specific iconic way, that not only showcases their charisma and personality but also draws attention to the beauty of urban architecture’’.

‘’These photos are very near and dear to my heart and in a way are the main reason I ever got involved in photography in the first place. It has given me the opportunity to interact with awesome people, create cool and lasting friendships, find inspiring and beautiful places and overall has been an amazing experience’’, added also Vasilev.

You can see the exhibition until April, 01 and the entrance is FREE.

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Prosecutor's Office Checking Registration of Mareshki's Two Parties

Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office is checking the registration of the political parties Volya and People’s Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NDSD).

The inspection is due to a signal of the Central Election Commission (CEC) which informs that businessman and candidate deputy Veselin Mareshki is registered as chairman of both parties.

Under the Law on Political Parties, a citizen with voting rights may participate in the constituent assembly of a political party only if he/she is not a member of another party.


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