To keep you posted on latest developments in Bulgaria, here is up-to-date news reported by Sofia News Agency.

Hot Water Stops in East Sofia from August 30 to September 11

From August 30 to September 11 TPP "Sofia East" will not work because of the repair of the hot water pipeline, which has been damaged in the winter, announced Sofia Heating Company, quoted by bTV.

Without hot water there will be:

Druzhba 1 and 2, Gara Iskar district,  ''Mladost'' 1, 1A, 2, 3, 4,  "Darvenitsa", "Musagenica", Vitosha district, "Studentski Grad", ''Iztok'',  "Izgrev", "Dianabad",  "Lozenets", "Geo Milev", "Yavorov", "Ivan Asen Second",  "Poduyane-center", ''Reduta'' "Slatina"; "Tsarigradski kompleks" , Academy of the Ministry of Interior, "T. Kableshkov" University, ''Poligona''.

The repair had to start on August 11, but the date was changed due to a delay in the administrative procedures.


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Fire Broke Out on the Roof of the Ministry of Environment and Water

A fire broke out on the roof of the Ministry of Environment and Water in downtown Sofia, the Ministry of Interior announced. After the fast intervention of firefighters, the flames were extinguished, reported bTV.

No injured people in the incident.

The signal is given minutes after 15:00. The flames have covered about 10 sq. m of the roof and undercover space of the Ministry.

 According to initial data on the roof of the building has recently been repaired and may could be linked to the accident.

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Repairs will Block 'Orlov Most' in August

In early August, the repair of the Orlov most will be underway. It will not close, but there will be a narrowing of sections, explained Deputy Transport Mayor Evgeni Krusev. Reported by SEGA. 

The entire repair will last between 10 and 14 days and the cost will be about 200 thousand leva. The pavement will be completely replaced and several layers of asphalt will be laid in order for the crossing to withstand heavy traffic.
In August, the repair of the cracks on the "Tsarigradsko shose" floor - between the 4th km and the airport exit will begin, which appeared only two years after the repair of the boulevard. There will be no new asphalt, but will be filled with special paste, and in order not to hinder the movement the repairs will be done at night, Krusev said.

In his words, the cracks appeared because of a chemical reaction at the base of the road, and the material with which it was carried did not withstand temperatures low as minus 25 degrees. Replacement of the asphalt might have to be done around the pedestrian bridge at Sofia Tech Park.

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Combat Machines From the Bulgarian and U.S. Armies Were on Display in Sofia Today

Combat Machines from armies of Bulgaria and the United States were on display today in the area of the Georgi S. Rakovski Military Academy in the capital, reported BNT.

The technique passed through the territory of Bulgaria, as it will participated in a joint study in Macedonia afterwards.

More than 100 visitors were in the military academy by noon.

The American machines that were exposed are part of the second cavalry regiment and they were monitored by the military police for safety during the exhibition in Sofia.

The main message of the soldiers was: "We are your friends and we work to make peace, you must not be afraid of us."

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Ankara Sends Ambassador Gokce to Guatemala, Hassan Ulusoy Comes to Sofia

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has announced new ambassadorial appointments by his country. Former Ankara Representative in Sofia Suleyman Gokce will go to Guatemala. Turkey's ambassador to Bulgaria will be Hassan Ulusoy, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

The attention in the media about the ambassadors is focused on the personality of Merve Kavakci, who is determined to be the ambassador of Turkey to the Indonesian capital Kuala Lumpur. She was not admitted to parliament in 1999 after she went to swear an oath by a MP with a headscarf.

Kavakci was elected by the Party of Virtue headed by Necmettin Erbakan, who is seen as a predecessor of the now ruling Justice and Development Party. Kavakci was taken away when it was revealed that she had acquired US citizenship without the permission of Ankara before running for the election. Recently, her citizenship was restored by a decision of the Council of Ministers, which was published in the State Gazette on July 3.


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U.S Embassy, Sofia: 'Draft Agreement Between Bulgaria and Macedonia is Historic, Forward-Looking Step'

The U.S. Embassies in Bulgaria and Macedonia welcome the approval of the draft Bulgaria-Macedonia friendship agreement.

The agreement acknowledges the close ties between the countries and celebrates a will by both sides to enhance cooperation in the interest of their citizens.

Such engagement sets an encouraging example for resolving issues between neighbors and enhances political stability and economic development in the Western Balkans. We commend Bulgaria and Macedonia for this historic, forward-looking step.

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Bulgarian Police Officers to Protest in Gotse Delchev

Police protests continue. After Sofia, Varna and Dobrich, police officers will gather in Gotse Delchev.

Protesters insist on raising their salaries this year.

Until tomorrow it will be clear how the BGN 10 million  will be allocated for additional payments.

Last year, Bulgarian police officers received twice as much of this.

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Bulgarian Government Adopts Declaration in Support of Good Neighbor Agreement with Macedonia

Bulgarian government adopts declaration in support of good neighbor agreement with Macedonia. reported BGNES.

206 MPs voted in favor, there’s no MPs against or abstained.

‘’One big thank you’’, said the Prime Minister of the Parliamentary Tribune immediately after the vote on the declaration.

A declaration in support of the forthcoming signature of the good neighbor agreement between Bulgaria and Macedonia was adopted unanimously at the Bulgarian National Assembly.

The motives for the declaration are that the Republic of Bulgaria was the first country which recognized the independence of the Republic of Macedonia on 15 January 1992 and that the Republic of Macedonia occupies a specific place in the policy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the context of Southeastern Europe given economic and cultural ties.

The Bulgarian MPs pointed out that the document will lay a solid foundation for the relations between the two countries and will benefit their citizens.

They also voiced hopes that the document will be signed in line with the preliminary arrangements between Sofia and Skopje.

The fact that this declaration received unanimous support means that the Bulgarian political parties can unite under important national priorities, Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva commented.

 During an interview on bTV, earlier today, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has said, that ‘’the friendship treaty envisages a joint committee of historians and other public figures to interpret authentic historical sources in order to overcome misunderstandings’’

The treaty is also an opportunity for Macedonia to open a new chapter in its own history, she added.

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Police to Intensify the Security Around the Borisova Garden in Sofia

The Sofia police will intensify the security in the area around  Borisova garden, reported BTV.

This became clear after the extraordinary meeting last night for the two consecutive beatings in this area.

In the afternoon on Monday on Dragan Tsankov Blvd two men with masks attacked notary Valentina Mehandjyska and her daughter. Yesterday afternoon three men attacked in the park the journalist Ivo Nikodimov, working in the Bulgarian National Television.

He was beaten by three men in the area of Orlov Bridge at around 15:00 on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said, citing preliminary data.

Police units were sent to the site. The journalist was taken to a hospital.

The police have yet to examine the circumstances and search for the assailants.

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Exhibition by Stefan Despodov-Despo to be Hold in the National Gallery in Sofia

The National Gallery (the Palace on Knqz Alexander l square) and the Art Gallery "Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora" - Kyustendil present an exhibition by Stefan Despodov-Despo, reported ViewSofia.

Stefan Despodov is among the most talented representatives of his generation of artists. Born in Kyustendil, he graduated in Applied Graphics at the National Academy of Arts in 1974, in the class of Prof. Alexander Poplilov. His performances in the area of the poster, the satirical drawing and the illustrations date back to the students' years.

He has participated in more than 200 exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, received more than 80 international and national awards.

The fine sense of humor and the inimitable sense of absurdity connect Stefan Despodov for many years with the National Theater "Ivan Vazov" and the Satirical Theater "Aleko Konstantinov".



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NIMH: Mostly Sunny Today, Clouds Will Develop Around Noon

The weather will be mostly sunny today. Clouds will develop around noon and in the afternoon, short rains and thunderstorms are expected in some places. Hails are also possible.

The wind will be light to moderate from Northwest, still bringing cold air.

Maximum temperatures will be 28° to 33°, in Sofia around 28°.

In the night to Thursday, the rains will intensify in Western and Central Bulgaria, according to the forecast of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH), quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

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The Whole 'Tsarigradsko Shose' Boulevard has Cracks after Repairs Last Year

The overlay on one of the main boulevards in the capital – 'Tsarigradsko Shose' continues to have cracks, get deformed and fail despite the emergency appliance of bitumen in the early spring. This was reported by the non-profit organization 'Save Sofia' , said BTV.

This January activists alerted the authorities about serious defects in the overlay after BGN 20 million worth of repairs done last year. Back then the vice-mayor of the transport Evgeni Krusev declared that the elected firm will handle all repairs on their account when the meteorological conditions allow it. 

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The Search for the Attackers of the Journalist Ivo Nikodimov Continues

The search for the three men who attacked the BNT journalist Ivo Nikodimov on Tuesday continues, Nova TV reported.

The head of a morning informational block was beaten in the Borisov garden. Since last night, police patrols have been particularly mindful of parks and gardens. Although the attackers are for the time being unknown, police say the perpetrators are at the age of 25. The attack is most likely a hooligan event and is not related to the work of Ivo Nikodimov.

He was placed in the Military Medical Academy. An operation is forthcoming.

Nikodimov told Nova TV that he had remembered one of the attackers' faces and the police had provided him with thousands of photos for him to recognize the attacker.

There are still no detained for the beating of notary Valentina Mehandjiyska and her daughter, that happened in the center of Sofia in the early afternoon on Monday by two men with hoods. After the aggression, Mehandiyska notary has a broken nose, and her daughter has a lot of wounds on her face. The victims have already been questioned by investigators.

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Albanian President: 'We Rely on Bulgaria For Our European Integration'

"We rely on you and we appreciate Bulgaria's efforts for the enlargement of the European Union in the Western Balkans.'' With these words, the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, welcomed Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for Justice Reform and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, said the press office of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

She stressed that relations between Bulgaria and Albania are excellent, political dialogue is being conducted at all levels and statesmen have to work to increase economic links.

''The priority of our presidency of the Council of the EU is the enlargement of the Western Balkans and to show this not only in words'' - said Ekaterina Zaharieva.

Deputy Prime Minister Zaharieva said that reforms are worthwhile because our EU membership has a direct impact on the country's income, infrastructure and financial growth. President Meta confirmed that he had seen a major change during his last visit to Sofia.

She also said that the Bulgarian people will not forget the contribution of the Albanian migrants  to the Bulgarian economy at the beginning of the last century.

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Sudan's Foreign Minister Starts an Official Visit to Bulgaria to Develop Bilateral Relations

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour Wednesday starts an official visit to Bulgaria for talks to develop bilateral relations, according to Sudan Tribune.

Bulgaria reopened its embassy in Khartoum in 2005 after its closure in 1990 citing civil war and political instability. But Sudan opened a general consulate in Sofia in 1999 after an agreement to resume bilateral relations in 1992.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the foreign ministry in Khartoum said that Ghandour will meet the Bulgarian vice-president, prime minister and the speaker of the parliament.

The foreign ministry spokesperson in Khartoum stressed that the visit comes within the framework of the Euro-Sudanese dialogue.

Also, he will hold bilateral talks with his Bulgarian counterpart Ekaterina Zaharieva on the opportunities and areas of cooperation in political, cultural and economic aspects.

He is also expected to meet Bulgarian businessmen interesting to invest in the Sudan.

In January 2004, there were reports Bulgarian oil company Technoexport to exploit several blocks in the north of the country but the Sudanese government denied the claim.

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Council of Ministers Approved Draft of Friendship Treaty With Macedonia

The government today approved a draft of a friendship and cooperation treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia, the government’s press office said.

‘’The signing of the Good-Neighbor, Friendship and Cooperation Treaty with Macedonia expresses Bulgaria’s will to build up modern good-neighboring relations, based on European values’’, said PM Boyko Borisov during a sitting of the cabinet which approved the draft todat.

He also pointed out that a new page would be opened in the relations between both countries with the signing of the document, scheduled for August 1st in Skopje, reported BNR.

‘The treaty will be a legally binding document between the two states, settling in a sustainable and stable manner the good-neighboring relations and the striving for the development of cooperation, the expansion of transport connections and communications, participation and absorption of funds as part of regional and cross-border projects, as well as facilitating the contacts between the citizens of the two countries’, Borisov further said.

Among the decisions of the Council of Ministers there are two others concerning Macedonia - for a memorandum of cooperation in the field of natural gas and for building a connection between the two countries, as well as for the construction of the railway line Sofia – Skopje, reported bTV.

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Military Equipment from the Bulgarian and US Armed Forces to be Presented in Sofia

If you want to see American combat machines up close, go to the Military Academy “Georgi S. Rakovski” in Sofia, on Thursday July 27th. Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. you may see an exhibition of military equipment, which is used both in Bulgaria and the U.S, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Citizens and guests of the city will have the opportunity to view US Marines M 1126 Striker from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, as well as armored combat vehicles MSFV "COMANDO SELECT" from military formation 56 040 – Blagoevgrad.

The US forces, comprising up to 130 personnel and up to 90 wheeled vehicles, will travel through the territory of Bulgaria in the period 24-28 July 2017 to participate in a joint exercise in the Republic of Macedonia.

To ensure security during the movement, they will be escorted by representatives of the Military Police Service.

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Two Women were Beaten Near the City Center of Sofia

Two women were beaten on the Sofia Dragan Tsankov Blvd., confirmed the police. Reported SEGA. 

Desislava Nikolova from "Yes, Bulgaria" published the following message:

"Just outside our office at Dragan Tsankov, two hooligans with a blue and black hood, about 1.90m tall, beat two ladies, one of the best notaries in the country, with kicks and fists, waiting for police and ambulance.

The post is accompanied by pictures of two bloody women.The police did not reveal details.

According to 'Banker', the victims are notary Valentina Mehandzhiyska and her daughter. They are placed in the District Hospital, FOCUS News reported.

The older (54 years) has a broken nose and the younger (34 years) has a lot of contusive wounds on the face.

Mehandjiska's office is located in the building, where is the headquarters of the political party "Yes, Bulgaria".

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'Urban Mobility Center' Sofia to Rent Three Electric Cars for BGN 48,000

The municipal company "Urban Mobility Center" intends to rent three electric cars for BGN 48,000. The term of the rent is one year, according to the published documentation, a reporter told BGNES.

Although they do not say the main purpose of renting the electric cars, they are likely to be used to promote travel with eco vehicles.

The electric cars, which will rent by ''Urban Mobility Center'', should be almost new - up to 20,000 km., and the rental price includes full insurance, as well as full service maintenance for the 12 month period.

The choice of contractor will be based on the suggested "lowest" price. The deadline for submission of documents is July 31, and the delivery of all three electric-powered vehicles must be completed within two months of the conclusion of the contract.

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New Eco Buses will be Presented on the square in front of "Alexander Nevski"

Sofia will enjoy a bit of cleaner air after August 2, when nearly 30 old diesel buses running on the northern lines of metropolitan public transport will be replaced by new Eco buses. Reports SEGA. 

The first 20 are already delivered, and these days we are expected to receive another 40. Euro 6 gas cars have air conditioning and automation and can be seen today at 11 am on the square in front of the Alexander Nevsky monument in the capital, When it is officially presented. The Eco buses are expected to serve traffic in the capital for 8 years. Buses are an addition to the Sofia Municipality's program for the renovation of public transport.

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The Cranberries Proclaimed Maxim Behar as "Sir"

Irish rock band The Cranberries announced in a specially crafted certificate the Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar as Sir, a noble title usually given by the queen.

On a special plaque, including the last album of the band, Something Else, decorated with the Bulgarian and Irish flag, is inscribed: "With the gratitude of our most dear and loyal friend, Sir Maxim Behar, with a thank you for your support." Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal from The Cranberries. "

Separately, Dolores O'Rioardan has written on the album "Sir Max - With Love".

Maxim Behar, now President of the World PR Organization, ICCO, is a long-time admirer of The Cranberries, world-famous for their hits Zombie, Dreams, Dreaming My Dreams, No Need to Argue, and more. He has toured many cities in Europe following the legendary gang on their concerts. He has their rare recordings, and years ago a founded a fan club of the band in Bulgaria.

"I find this a natural gesture, Maxim is known among the world's leading PR professional guild, he is very fond of the Irish band's music, lyrics and the presence and he deserves that respect."

"Sir is a very honorable title given to him by great musicians, "says Justin Greene, an Irish music producer and PR expert who worked for The Cranberries as well as for Elton John and many other rock and pop stars.

"I have a great dream come true," Behar wrote in his Facebook account. "My deepest respect for Her Majesty the Queen who usually distributes these titles but to get "sir" from Dolores and The Cranberries for me is the greatest recognition, one of the greatest rock bands in the whole history of music and now my next dream is to see them in Sofia at their first concert, and I'm starting to work on this project right away, and I'm sure it will happen in the near future, "the expert said.

Maxim Behar is one of the leaders of the Bulgarian PR market with his established company M3 Communications Group, Inc. He is a world-renowned expert in his profession, invited to speak at forums and universities around the world.

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